ChemApp provides the powerful calculation capabilities of ChemSage in the form of a programmer's library. It consists of a rich set of subroutines which provides all the necessary tools for the calculation of complex multicomponent, multiphase chemical equilibria and the determination of the associated energy balances. ChemApp <i>light</i> is the free version of ChemApp, giving you almost the same functionality as the regular version of ChemApp.


ChemCalc is intended to be a calculator oriented towards chemistry. It calculates the molecular formula, molecular mass, exact mass, elemental analysis and plots the isotopic distribution graph.


ChemDoodle is an innovative 2D chemical drawing application which works on any operating system with Java installed. It contains an abbreviation library which can be extended, and can import and export many file formats including ChemDraw Exchange Format.


ChemicalInventory is a web application that manages the chemical stock in a laboratory or production facility, where chemicals must be safely stored, easily found and tracked.

Chemistry 4-D Draw for Java

Chemistry 4-D Draw is an easy-to-use and powerful structure drawing program implemented in 100% Java. Users will be able to use the same graphical interface regardless of the types of machines they are using.

Chemistry Development Kit (CDK)

The Chemistry Development Kit (CDK) are Java utility classes for chemoinformatics and computational chemistry. These classes include descriptor calculation, 2D structure layout, graph algorithms, and chemical file format readers among others.


CHEMKIN is a set of software tools for solving complex chemical kinetics problems. It allows users to predict the chemical conditions of their system based on variable reactor parameters, inlet gas, and catalyst compositions when applicable. CHEMKIN consists of gas and surface-phase chemical kinetic solvers, and a variety of reactor models that can be used to represent the different systems you are interested in modeling.


ChemNomParse is a chemical nomenclature parser. The project aims to build molecules from an IUPAC chemical name.


ChemSol calculates solvation energies using the Langevin Dipoles (LD) model of the solvent and ab initio calculations.


Chemsuite is composed of several programs that work independently of each other: Chem2D - a 2D molecular drawer; Molcalc - a molecular weight calculator; chemIR: an infrared spectra processor which can read, process, export and print Perkin Elmer spectra.