xem is a simple software simulating titration for various systems.


Method which can calculate the logP value for an organic compound from its topological structure. The algorithm is based on the summation of atomic contributions and correction factors.


XMakemol is a mouse-based program, written using the LessTif widget set, for viewing and manipulating atomic and other chemical systems. It reads XYZ input and renders atoms, bonds and hydrogen bonds.


XMD performs Computer Molecular Dynamics (CMD) simulations on metals and ceramics.


XmMol is a desktop macromolecular visualization and modeling tool designed to be easy to use, configure and enhance. Its graphics are based on X11, and part of its user interface is based on Motif. Thus it provides a way of displaying structures on any X11 server.


XMolCalc is a small utility that allows you to calculate a molecular weight under Unix/X11.


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XNMR is an X11 based program capable of simulating exchange broadened NMR spectra of dynamic molecules with up to nine chemical configurations. XNMR further supports up to a certain degree the processing of experimental data obtained from Bruker NMR spectrometers running UXNMR or XWin-NMR.


XOrtep is is a slightly modified version of the ortep-for-sun code that was written to provide an editor/previewer combination based on Sun's OpenView toolkit.


XPMA is a mouse driven menu based graphical program for the manipulation of crystal structures. It reads SHELX93, SHELXL, SHELX76 and SHELXS-OUTPUT FILES.


XPovChem is a molecule viewer based on the PovRay raytracer. It takes a molecule description, converts it into a .pov file, and lets povray render the image -- thus allowing a very high rendering quality. Xpovchem includes the professional Babel molecule format converter and is a GUI frontend to Paul Thiessen's povchem console program.