Music (Multi-purpose SImulation Code) is an object-oriented package intended to perform various types of Molecular Dynamics and Monte Carlo simulations with user-specified forcefields. It can be used to simulate diffusion and adsoprtion in zeolites, for liquid and gas simulations as well, and may be easily extended for solid simulations.


NAB (Nucleic Acid Builder) is a computer language (specified through lex and yacc) that allows nucleic acid structures to be described in a hierarchical fashion, using a language similar to C or awk, but designed especially for the manipulation of nucleic acid structures.


Naccess is a stand alone program that calculates the accessible area of a molecule from a PDB (Protein Data Bank) format file. It can calculate the atomic and residue accessiblities for both proteins and nucleic acids.


NAMD is a parallel, object-oriented molecular dynamics code designed for high-performance simulation of large biomolecular systems.


NAMOT (Nucleic Acid MOdeling Tool) is a graphic tool to build and manipulate nucleic acid structures.


nMOLDYN is an interactive analysis program for Molecular Dynamics simulations. It is especially designed for the computation and decomposition of neutron scattering spectra, but also computes other quantities.


NMR-SHARC is a cooperative, platform-independent, program-independent archving system for ab initio NMR chemical shift calculations.


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The NMRPipe software package consists of a series of standalone programs such as NMRPipe (spectrometer data conversion, advanced multidimensional data processing), NMRDraw (graphical interface for most package tools, interactive processing, script editing interface, time domain data inspection, real-time phasing, automated peak detection, spectral analysis), NMRWish (custom version of Tcl/Tk for spectral analysis, spectral database engine, communication between applications), DC (dipolar coupling and chemical shift analysis) and a multitude of spectral analysis tools.

NMRShiftDB server

The NMRShiftDB server is open source software which can be used to maintain a local repository of the results of NMR experiments. This software was developed for the NMRShiftDB database, an open-source, open-access, open-submission, open-content web database for chemical structures and their associated nuclear magnetic resonance data.


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NMRViewJ is a program for the visualization and analysis of NMR datasets. Some of its features are: unlimited number of spectral windows and data files; contour and 1D vector plots of any plane of any 2, 3, or 4 dimensional spectra; automatic peak picking, searching, facilitated analysis and interactive peak editing; powerful command language and programmable user interface; NOE constraint generation and analysis.